1.5 : What is Search Engine, Search Engine server and its working process

Search Engine :-

A search engine is a web-based tool that enables users to locate information on the World Wide Web. Popular examples of search engines are Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Search.

Search Engine server :-

  • Each and Every search engine has their own servers their will be many number of blocks, each blocks belongs to one keyword.


Search Engine working process :-

All search engines work using a 3 phase approach to managing , ranking and returning search results. But a lot of them don’t have an idea what is happening behind that search engine box when they type in their search queries. So just how do Google, Bing and the rest of them work out what is on the web, what is relevant to your general query.

There are three working functions which are done by the search engines:

  1. Web Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Algorithm


  • Web Crawling

Web crawlers will find out what is published out on the World Wide Web. Essentially, crawling is copying what is on web pages and repeatedly checking the multitude of pages to see if they are changed and make a copy of any changes found.This process is done by the web crawlers


  • Indexing

Once a “spider” or “crawler” has crawled a web page, the copy that is made is returned to the search engine and stored in the search engine servers.  Search engine servers are huge, purpose built collections of servers which act as a repository of the all the copies of webpages being made by the crawlers. Google owns dozens of them dotted around the world, which it guards very closely and which are among the most hi-tech buildings in the world.

The repository of web pages is referred to as the ‘Index’, stored indexed data is used to provide the search results you see on the search engine. Indexing is the process of organizing the masses of data and pages so they can be searched quickly for relevant results to your search query.


  • Algorithm

Finally, we have a huge collection of web page copies which are being constantly updated and organized so we can quickly find what you are looking for. But we need a means by which they can be ranked in order of relevance to your search term – this is where the Algorithm comes into play.

The algorithm is a very complex and lengthy equation which calculates a value for any given site in relation to a search term.  We don’t know what the algorithm actually is, because search engines tend to keep this a closely guarded secret from competitors and also from people looking to game the search engine to get to the top spots.

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