Keyword Research: What Is Keyword Research and How It Is Done?



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Keyword research is one of the search engine optimization techniques used to find the alternative for the search that the user has done. It is used to find out the relevant topics that the user is trying to search. Depending upon the search, a similar subject is kept together and given to the user who ever demanded the data. It works by the mentioned mechanism.

Once the search is completed, the keyword is caught and the mapping is done. By the identified keyword the data is brought out related to it. Different search engines have different research tools. They include the number of times a keyword is searched and etc.

Keyword research plays a prominent role in the Search Engine Marketing field.


The main aim of the keyword research is to generate keywords. This process involves keyword research tools.

In order to be user-friendly, optimizing the web is essential having many keywords related. It is the first thing that makes a search engine to achieve a better rank. This basically gives the higher data input and output to the search engine.

Things to remember when doing Keyword Research:

  • Good keywords that are highly competitive are less likely to rank at the top.
  • Keyword stuffing must be kept aside.
  • Those keywords which are not used are waste of putting.


For example making money has 85,300,000 search results. That means millions of websites are competing for that particular keyword. Similar to that, consider other keyword acquiring money. Both of the keywords relate the meaning. On the average scale, the searches were done.

Keywords have intents. This affects whether the marketer wants to target that keyword or not. There are various tools for keyword research.

Keyword Research Free Tools:

  • Google ads keyword planner
  • User related search term on google
  • Google suggest
  • Bing ads keyword planner
  • Google autocomplete
  • Use forums and boards


Google ads keyword planner:

In order to perform certain basic keyword analytics, Google offers free tools. These results are entirely dependent on the data in the Google search engine. This is the type of Google ads keyword planner aids the process. This offers a thesaurus keyword suggestion. Google ads account used by the agencies and consultancies.


  • It is used to get the search volume estimates for the keyword.
  • It is used to generate new keyword variations based on a primary keyword.
  • It is used to generate new keywords by combining different keyword lists.
  • It provides keywords used for the websites that are useful for the competitive analysis.


Google ads keyword planner tool is made for Google ads and as it is different from the search engine optimization.
This hides a long tail keyword.

The keywords that are generated by this device may not produce good results. This is because the tool is not meant for search engine optimization and purely meant for Google ads.

Recently in 2016 Google has started limiting these ads with less or no cost.

Google suggest:

This was brought into the picture by Google in the year 2016. Google suggest is mostly used as a live feature while the user is typing a search word into the search engine or the google website or a browser.

Google search is using the data given by the users and it tries to guess the way by which the user is trying to find out. It contains many keywords that are related or closely related or completely to the given keyword.

Google suggest can be researched through the website or through a compatible browser. This is mostly used for the small number of keywords and on a large scale by using the skyscraper tools until.

Bing ads keyword planner:

The Bing ads keyword planner provides ad group suggestions and shows the average volume of the searches.

Features of Bing keyword planner:

  • It is used to get search volume data and trends.
  • It gets the cost estimates.
  • It is used to get performance.
  • It is used to get the new keyword lists to get new keywords.

These are the some of the few keyword research tools which are used for the keyword research. Apart from these, direct browsing in quora can be done. A website that is is used to find the most relevant keywords and also is used to give the user whatever the data that he requires.

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