Lesson 1 : what is HTML and its basic tags


What is HTML ?

HTML :- Fully abbreviated as “Hyper text markup language” . Basically HTML is used to design the webpage.

  • What is a webpage ?

Webpages are the collection of information about a particular topic.

  • What is a website ?

Collection of webpages is know as website.

Note :-

  1. We use notepad or other file editors to design the html pages but after writing the code we have to save the file with “.html” extension.
  2. Always open the html files using browser applications like chrome, mozilla or internet explorer etc to check the output of your html file.
  3. To edit the html file again open it with “Notepad” or any text editor .

Example :- webpage.html

html extension


Basic Tags

Tags :- tags are used in the HTML to design the web-pages which are enclosed between <>

Example :- <html> , <p>, <body> are the few examples of the tag.


<html>  –  While designing the HTML web-pages it will always starts with html tag <html> and after designing the webpage we use closed html tag </html>

Syntax :-   <html></html>


<head> – head tag is used to give the meta tags of our website which is useful for search engine optimization.The content written in the head tag will be not displayed on webpage and also we can use internal css style tag inside the head tag to design our web page

Syntax :-   <head></head>


<title> – Title tag is used to give the title to your web-page. It starts with the opening tag <title> and ends with the closing tag </body>

Syntax :- <title></title>


My web Page
  This is how it looks   – my webpage


<body> – The Body tag is used to represent the content in your webpage it starts with the opening tag <body> and after finishing your content writing it ends with the closing tag </body>

Syntax :- <body></body>

Example :-

My web Page
Write your web pagecontent here

  This is how it looks  

html body

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