Top Lead Generation Strategies For Websites


What is Lead Generation?

As you all know a lead is a person contacting you if you are interested in purchasing your B2B company’s services or products. These leads are often people coming to your website and filling out forms to contact you or by dialing your phone number (which they find on your website) to call you.

How to increase lead generation?

A website is often an essential business tool which every business uses its site differently. Some use the website to generate instant revenue through e-commerce sales while others use them to generate leads, phone calls or any physical location visits. There is always one thing that every business wants to accomplish with their website: leveraging to create more growth.

There are also several ways to increase your leads, sales and also revenue without investing in a complete redesign and rebuild.

Best Lead Generation strategies:

1. Blogging:

Writing blog posts or blog articles that feature your target keywords, which is a great way to help your website rank in search engines for those keywords. Also, these posts are also great for sharing social media and sending out via email.

2. Add Micro-Conversions:

Often most B2B websites offer their visitors at least one opportunity to convert and it is usually via their main “Contact Us” form which is typically the only form on the website. For example let us say out of 100 website visitors, only 2% of them will fill out that contact form, and because that form is the only conversion opportunity on the website which sets the conversion rate for the entire site.

3. Audit your web content:

Make sure you Identify problems, often make changes to correct them before launching marketing campaigns which will help you reduce waste advertising spend which also gives you a stronger base, to begin with. It will always be split testing and optimizing by starting with a solid base. It will help you reach those desirable conversion numbers faster.

4. Know where visitors are scrolling and clicking:

When you start to know where your website visitors are and are not clicking it usually helps you to reposition your offers from dead zones to areas that often attract clicks. Any heat map tool, such as crazy egg, will not show you where the clicks are occurring but also where traffic/referral source is producing them. This tool often shows you how far down your page and your visitors are scrolling.

These allow you to test multiple call-to-action locations and make sure which ones are being viewed and clicked. You simply can’t throw a couple offers on your website sit back assuming the conversions will roll in. Insight to visitors are viewing and where they are clicking gives you really strong data that can be used to convert more traffic.

5. Keep analyzing your Google Analytics data:

When you identify that traffic sources aren’t producing conversions and what your traffic is doing before converting it. Here Google Analytics helps you to make significant changes. If you can identify that the majority of social media traffic doesn’t convert? You can then allocate your social media budget into channels that produce analytics. But What if you are able to identify the majority of your conversions are engaging with your blog before converting? You can increase your content count and often utilize distribution outlets like Outbrain and Taboola to attract more traffic to your blog. When you start to fully understand your Google Analytics data which will help you to eliminate poorly performing traffic sources and also scale up the marketing efforts that drive the highest percentage of conversions.

6. Install live chat:

Business owners assume that live chat is useful for websites which are attempting to generate e-commerce sales. Answering pre-purchase questions can help save deals and chat operators that push consumers toward the sale every website can get benefit from this simple tool. Assume a restaurant that is trying to generate reservations and also physical location visits. Live chat can often facilitate those reservations and also can assist with little things such as clarification of direction. It is a low-cost option that can produce good results.

7. Use an exit popup offer:

Driving traffic to your website not at all cheap. Though you are not running pay-per-click traffic and paying individually for every visitor, the effort and time that SEO and social media marketing requires and assigns a monetary value to every single person that usually lands on your website. Few visitors that leave will never return, so use every available option to try to convert them, Popup exit offers also do a great job at increasing conversion rate. Also, the slightest conversion increase can be welcomed. Exit capture can improve your overall return on investment.

8. Post Forms on Every page:

By Having easy access to the lead generation form is paramount to increase the number of viable leads through your website. The amount of less information they ask, particularly on the first step, the more likely people will be a part with their valuable personal details.

9. Add Photos and Testimonials For Greater Credibility:

Testimonials are often a powerful marketing tool, but by adding photos or even rich media such as any video or audio also can take them a step further. the rich media versions may be too bandwidth-heavy for a lead generation website, solid testimonials can often have a powerful impact and also lend support to your offer.

10.Always use Power Words When Describing Your Offer:

Powerful verbs such as “get”, “feel” and “have” often are strong compellers because of their active tone compared to “imagine having”, “imagine feeling” etc. By using action-oriented words in offer places the customer in a pivotal role as receiving the benefits as opposed to simply imagining them.

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