Top keyword research tools 2019


Best keyword research tools In 2019

What is Keyword Research?

Before we get into the knowledge of the different tools, I thought it might be a good idea to wait a second and actually understand what they actually are or what they actually do
Keyword research is at the heart of any search engine optimization (SEO).

Keyword research tool is a piece of software or web service which allows us to achieve any one of the two key goals which are as follows:

Produce a list of related keywords based on a “seed” keyword. Evaluate how to competitive a given keyword is you can achieve this goals by typing your keywords into the search field of your keyword tool of choice, which will show a list of keywords related to your originally searched term by the process of harvesting data from one or more data sources or from the search engine.

Do you have any idea why we use this keyword research tool

Let us know this:

  • They enable keywords idea i.e., suggest us keyword that we never thought of
  • They offer us understand the consumer behavior and search patterns.
  • We can also produce markets before building sites in them
  • Find relevant keywords for your audience i.e., search intent
  • Reverse engineer your competitor’s keywords.

Top keyword research tools are as :


“ Soovle is one of the best free keyword research tools out there” said by BRIAN’S BOTTOM.

Scrape suggested keywords from multiple sources.

Soovle gives us suggested keyword ideas from sites like Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon and many more.
(All in just one place)

In this way, we can find the new keywords that our opposition doesn’t know about it.

The most useful and likeable feature of it is: Saved Suggestions

How the saved suggestions work?

Easily we can save our favorite keyword ideas with Soovle’s “drag & drop” saved suggestions feature.

After this we can download our favorite keywords to a CSV file.

2. Jaaxy

Get thousands of related keyword ideas within seconds.
It’s just a straightforward tool but yet so powerful.
Jaxxy is an unique how?
First thing , it gives us a lots of different keywords ideas.
( including those keywords which we won’t find in most of the other tools)
Another thing, we get helpful data on every keyword that it generates.
Most useful and likeable feature of it is: QSR
QSR : “Quoted Search Result”.
This is a desire way of saying “how many other websites are trying to rank for this exact term?”
The lower will be the number , the better chances of having ranking.
BRIAN’S BOTTOM said, “ A decent freemium tool. Not nearly as good as something like SEMRush or Ahrefs. But at $50/month, it’s not a bad deal.

Google search console:

Find hundreds of “opportunity keywords”.
The google search console isn’t a traditional keyword research tool, but it has a feature that makes finding awesome keywords a CINCH.

Its basic feature is the performance report.

This report list out the pages on our site that get the most clicks from google , this feature is use to find opportunity keywords.

The most useful and likeable feature of it is:

Google analytics and Google search console.

BRIAN said “the Google search console is an underrated keyword research tool. No other tool can help you find opportunity keywords like the GSC.

Ahrefs keywords explorer:

Make smarter keyword decisions.
Ahrefs recently rolled out a new and improved “keywords explorer”.
It gives us SUPER in depth information on each keyword.
The most likeable and useful feature of it is: keyword difficulty
Ahrefs inform us EXACTLY how many backlinks we will need to rank on the first page of google.
BRIAN said, “Ahrefs is mostly known as for backline analysis. But I have to say: it’s got a killer keyword research tool. I find myself using it more and more every week.”


Keyword research for search engine optimisation pros. It’s a swiss army knife of keyword research tools.
If we give SECockpit a seed keyword than like any other keyword tool we get a list of results.

The unique feature of SECockpit is : its built in features that allow us to get A LOT of depth on search trends, organic opposition and estimates.

SECockpit is a tool largely designed for SEO professionals.

As soon as we login we will directly get in to our dashboard, where will be able to create projects around sets of keywords .

For starting the keyword research process we have to follow the steps below:

Press on “Start a keyword search”

Enter a seed keyword in the field marked “ keyword phrase”.

Press on “ save and close” and the tool will start working .

The most useful and likeable feature of it is: filtering

We can use even 100 of filters to find the keywords that we want

“ cluncky? Yes. Intuitive? Heck no. feature- rich? Absolutely. If you want lots of advanced features, and don’t mind a sleep learning curve, definitely check out SECockpit” said by BRIAN’S BOTTOM.

Google keyword planner

Tap into Google massive keyword data base.

It is used because the data we get from it comes directly from Google.

The most useful and likeable feature of it is: top of page bid

Get boatloads of targeted keyword ideas.
The two things that make it unique are:

1.Keywordtool gives us A LOT of keyword suggestion

We can exactly filter, drill down or even can expand the results to find the right keywords .

2.The most useful and likeable feature is: analyze competitors

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