Social Media Advantages And Disadvantages


Social Media Benefits


What is social media?

Instagram , facebook , twitter, youtube, snapchat but that’s not all social media covers many other digital tools even email and sms are also social media tools it has so many advantages link to gain knowledge by social media, we get linked with people, and many more by the side it also have so many disadvantages such as crimes, fraud and bullying etc.
The basic definition for social media is websites and applications that enables visitors to share and create content or to participate in social networking.
Forms of media that allows people to communicate and share information using internet and mobile phones.
Social media are interactive Web 2.0 internet based applications.

Users generally access social media services via web based technologies on desktops and laptops, or download services that offer social media functionality to their mobile devices.

It’s a computer driven tool that allows individual, groups and companies to create or share information, career, interests, ideas and pictures/ vides in virtual communities and network. Social media provides the stage for multidirectional human conversation. Social media can also be defined as a group of internet based applications usually built on ideological and technological foundations of the web. It can also be said as medium of communication like a newspaper or a ratio.

There are 10 types of social media which can give us so many advantages and its examples comes under this types only

its advantage is that it connects with people online. Example: facebook , twitter, linkedln

Media sharing network : it finds and share photos, video, live video, and other media online. Example: instagram , snapchat , youtube.

Discussion forums : it helps to find, discuss, and share news , information and opinions. Example: reddit , quora , dig

Bookmarking and content network: it discovers, save , share and trendind content. Example : pinterest
Consumer review network: to find review and share information. Example : zomato
Blogging and publishing network: to publish and comment on content. Example : tumblr
Social shopping network: follow brand, share great trends and purchases. Example: fancy, amazon
Internet based network: to connect with others around. Example : houzz,
‘Sharing economy’ network: to advertise, buy sell. Example: uber
Anonymous social network: to gossip and sometimes bully. Example : whisper.

Some examples of social media are:

Facebook messenger
Instagram (most common now a days )

The following are the list of most popular social networks within last year’s survey
Network Name
No. of Users (in millions)

As this is the survey of some common social networks by the end of last year hence it grows now within every month.

Usage of social media:

use by organization
use by governments
use by businesses
social media mining
in politics
use in hiring
use in school admissions
use by law enforcement
use in court cases
social media marketing
use in science
use by individuals
news source
effects on individual memory
effects on collective memory
interpersonal relationship
self presentation
health improvement and behavior reinforcement
Social impact of social media:
political polarization
understand and memory
physical and mental health
sleep disturbance
changes in mood
effects on youth communication

Advantages of social media:

Brand awareness: forcing and relevant content will surely grab the full attention of customers and increases the brand visibility.

Public relations: it improves the public relationship.

Cost effective: it can be cheaper than traditional advertising and promotional activities.

Website traffic: it can lead to increase in online conversation.

Evaluation: it is easy to maintain how much website traffic you receive from the social media.

Customer interaction: by the help of social media you can improve customer services and respond effectively.

Brand loyalty: you can built relationships with your customers and increases loyalty.

Current affairs access:

  • Can have a quick access to update
  • Responsible youngsters
  • Help in contact building
  • It can aid in criminal investigations
  • It keeps us informed about the world
  • It keeps us in touch with far away friends and family
  • It helps us find stuff we need
  • It help us to get rid of stuff we don’t need
  • It helps fund charities
  • It can fulfill specific needs of individuals
  • It provides market research for companies
  • Introduce us to new things
  • Increases our knowledge on all levels
  • It keeps our mind occupied
  • It can also sometimes help us to achieve our goals and offer support.

Disadvantages of social media:

  • You can become an addict of it
  • Leads to lack in concentration
  • May lead you to depression
  • Leads to theft of data
  • Cyber fraud
  • Lack of emotional connection
  • Decreases face to face communication skills
  • Diminishes understanding and thoughtfulness
  • Facilitates laziness
  • causes distractions
  • Reduces family closeness
  • Creates a skewed self image
  • Bullying
  • Early exposure

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