How to Send Website Emails through Gmail


How to send Website Emails through Gmail account

To Send Website Emails through Gmail Account follow the below listed steps and it take just 5 to 10 mins of time to integrate.

  • Steps:-
  1. Login into “Gmail account“.
  2. Click on “Gear icon” and “click on settings“.
  3. Go to “Accounts and Import
  4. In Send mail as, click on ” Add another email address you own
  5. Enter Email address of official website email account id and click on “Next Step“.
  6. Type Username same as the “Web email address“.
  7. Enter your web email account password in password.
  8. For SMTP Server details:
    1. Login into site panel and click on email account.
    2. Right to your webmail account name there will be More option > Click on “Configure Email Client”.
    3. Now you will be able to find the Secure SSL/TLS Settings (Recommended)
    4. Outgoing server with SMTP port details
  9. Now enter the SMTP Server details and select the port.
  10. With selected “checkbox” of Secured connection using SSL (recommended)
  11. Click on “Add Account”.
  12. Now verification code is sent to your webmail.
    1. Login into your website cpanel.
    2. Click on Email accounts.
    3. Right to your webmail account name there will be More option > Click on “Access webmail”.
    4. Check for the received ‘Google verification mail‘ and copy the verification copy, then paste it.
  13. Click on “Verify”.
  14. Now you’ll be able to see Official webmail account in your “Accounts and Import” settings.
  15. Click on “Make default” option.
  16. Now you will be able to send official website emails from gmail account.
  17. Click on Compose.

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