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What is Link Building?

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Link building is simply the process of getting other websites to link back your website. All marketers, business owners should be interested in building links to drive referral traffic, increase their site’s authority.

Why link building?

Usually Google’s algorithms are complex and evolving, but backlinks are an important factor in every search engine which determines sites rank for keywords. Often Building links is one of the many tactics which is used in search engine optimization (SEO). It is because links are a signal to Google that your site is a quality resource which is worthy of citation. Usually, Sites with more backlinks seem to earn higher rankings.

Why is Link Building important?

Link building is most important because it is major factor in how Google ranks web pages. Google states that:
Webmasters can improve the rank of sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages.”
If you can imagine that you own a site promoting wind turbine equipment that you sell. You’re competing with another wind turbine equipment manufacturer. One of the major ranking factors Google will look at is determining how to rank your respective pages is the link popularity.

Strategies for Link Building:

Links are very important for SEO. And also link building should definitely be part of your holistic SEO strategy. But most importantly, link building should be a major part of your growth strategy. Links often help generate traffic to your site directly. Also there are a number of link building strategies which can be used to get external websites to link to yours:

Content Creation & Promotion -Try to Create compelling, unique, high-quality content that helps people want to refer and link to, and tell others about it. You will have to also spread the word before you expect anyone to find your content and link to it!

Reviews & Mentions – You may also put your service, products in front of influencers in your niche industry, such as popular bloggers or people with a very large social media following.

Links from Friends & Partners – people often ask if you know and people you work with to link to your site.
You can also take a while to build a lot of links, but be patient at the same time and remember that shortcuts like buying links are against Google’s guidelines and also it can be devastating for your SEO. Don’t take chances.

Get to know your audience- And also If you want your audience to grow, you also need to find out how to expand your audience and also how to find a new audience. You also should, therefore, know two things:
1. who is my audience right now
2.what does my ideal audience look like.

Write amazing content– To get other websites that link to your content, make sure your content simply has to be amazing.

Always Make a list of websites that appear to appeal your desired audience. When you have a clear picture of your present and desired audience in mind, you can very easily make a list of websites that could possibly try to help you in reaching your new audience.

Try Matching content to websites

If you have written an awesome blog post, you can probably dive into the list you made as part of your growth strategy also Choosing sites from the list that could possibly link to the article you have already written. And if you have a long tail keyword approach (writing about small and niche subjects in the blog) the number of websites which will be fit to link to your blog post will be small.

Reach out

If you can really put an effort in both writing content as well as in finding websites that fit the content of your article, you must also try contacting the website that you are willing to link to your site. Also, Tell them about the content or product and also ask them to write about it and link to it

Use social media!

And, if your content is original and well structured, as well you will also be able to reach out to new audiences (and get few links) by using social media. Also try to Make sure you tweet about your blog, perhaps try sending some tweets to specific persons of whom you think that they may like your article
Above are 17 link building strategies which you can implement:

Try Building high-probability link channels with custom search engines

  • 3-step RLR framework
  • At scale DEEP broken link
  • Quality link building with industry-specific tools
  • Always Convert homepage links to deep “money” page links
  • Setting a Link Velocity Target (and Stay Competitive in the SERPs)
  • Land authority links with “alternate content creation”
  • Always Reclaim links from stolen images
  • Make a Tenant SEO (a powerful 1-2 Punch)
  • Go through The “ranking for links” technique
  • Try to Reclaim lost link equity in 404 pages
  • Building inks with blog comments (hint: only if this isn’t your usual spam blog commenting strategy!)
  • Quota hacking (and scaling referral traffic streams)
  • Try Link reclamation (using Google Alerts)
  • Make Mining roundups for quick link wins
  • Try to Drive Traffic (and Build Relationships) With “Targeted” Blog Comment
  • Make Video transcriptions

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