1.8 : Keyword Analysis and Its Types

Keyword Analysis:

Keyword is a word that is used for searching through Search Engines in order to get results related to your searched query. To get our Web Pages according to keywords in Google we need to add keywords in the Web Pages. It is not easy to identify all the keywords which are searching by the users across the world. So by following the below options we can get the keywords which are searching by users and how to do the keyword analysis.

a). Brain Storming
b). Keyword Planner tool (Best Option)
c). Keyword Everywhere Chrome extension (Best Option & Free)

Brain Storming:

Now a days, If we want any Information, we use to Google it for that particular thing by using keyword. When we start typing the keywords Google use to give Suggested results. Those are called “Brian Storming” which shown in the below Image. Brian Storming is one of the method to identify the keywords which are searching by the users as per the latest trend.

Brain Storming Results

Keyword Planner:

Keyword Planner tool is one of the part of Google AdWords. By using keyword planner, we can find plenty of Keywords related to your business and we can analysis keywords according to volume, competition and CPC(Cost Per Click which is used in Google AdWords to run the paid ads).

How to use Keyword Planner tool:

  1. Search for “Google AdWords” in Google.
  2. Click on first link – Google Ads (Previously called as Google AdWords).
  3. Login with Gmail.
  4. Then u can find the option Tool in Menu bar.
  5. Click that and select Keyword Planner.
  6. Then Click on Find new keywords and type the keyword which you’d like to analyse.
  7. Select Landing Page.
  8. Choose Location.
  9. Enter Negative Keywords.
  10. Then Click on Get Ideas.
  11. Now Again Click on Keyword Ideas (Now look at all the keywords).


Different Types of Keywords:

According to users search we have 4 different types of keywords in Google. They are

a) Long Tail Keyword: “what are best hotel’s in Hyderabad”

b) Short Tail Keyword: “Hotels in Hyderabad”

c) Transaction Keyword: “Cost of Hotels in Hyderabad”

d) Information Keyword: “List of Hotel in Hyderabad”

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