Lesson 7 : How to install plugins in WordPress


How to install plugins in WordPress

Follow these steps to know “how to install plugins in wordpress”

  1. Go the “Plugins”.
  2. Click on “add new“.
  3. You will see the options like “upload plugin”, “featured”, ”Popular”, ”Recommended” and “Favorites”
  • Upload – this option is used to upload plugin zip file from external source like from pc and click on upload to the plugin.
  • Featured – this option displays all the featured plugins which are best.
  • Popular – it displays all the popular plugins of wordpress.
  • Recommended –it displays all the Recommended plugin in wordpress.
  • Favorites – To get your favorite plugins from wordpress.org .
  1. Search for the required plugin and select the exact plugin which is need for your website.
  2. Click “install” it and Click “activate“.

That’s all you are done.

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