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How to find long tail keywords, how to find long tail keywords for seo

Long tail keywords are usually the search terms with relatively low search volume. Long tail terms are found to be longer in length (3+ words) than the other keyword types.

In fact, according to Ahrefs reports 92% of all keywords to get 10 or fewer searches per month.
Often people think that keyword research is not important anymore. But, it is not true; keyword tools are much essential. In fact, according to research especially particularly of long-tail keywords that can help you craft the kind of content that engages readers.

A researcher study by Statista shows that for successful on-page optimization requires mainly 50% of your focus to be on long-tail keywords because readers conduct a long tail search when serious about any topic.
One of the questions is: “How long should a long-tail keyword be?” And, my answer will always be “four keywords or more.” longer the keyword, the easier it will be for you to rank well for that particular keyword

Why are Long Tail Keywords Important?

The two main reasons to focus on long tail keywords are:

Long tail keywords that aren’t competitive

Long tails are less competitive than short tail terms in general
Example, when a short tail keyword like “link building” has more than 6 BILLION results in Google:
When you google search and if you want to rank #1 in Google for that particular query, you need to outrank the other 6 billion sites Which is not an easy task. While On the other hand, when you look at an extended tail version of the same keyword, like “best SEO link building software.” The long term has less competition very much.
Google search also applies to the Google Adwords (PPC). Usually, Longtail terms tend to be cheaper to bid on than super popular head terms.

Mostly Long tail keywords convert REALLY well.

Long tail keywords searches aren’t, but they’re also more specific.

In simple words:
Search traffic from all long tail terms often tends to be much further along in the buyer cycle than the traffic from popular head terms.
For example, when you take a keyword like “keto diet.”

Someone who is searching for a keto diet is probably trying to learn what it is and how it works. But it means they’re not ready to buy.
But when someone is searching for a longer version of the same term like “keto diet supplement” means they are MUCH closer to making a purchase.
Coming to the Bottom Line? The traffic that you usually get from long tail terms is found to convert really well


Check Google “Searches Related to…”

Have you Ever noticed that when you scroll to the bottom of any Google’s search results, there is a specific section called, “Searches related to…”?.

In Google search, there is this little area is a gold mine for the long tail keyword research.
Here is the way exactly how to use it:

Firstly, you have to type in a keyword that you want to rank for.

Then, scroll to the bottom of the page, have a look at the “Searches related to…” for keyword:

Answer The Public

Answering the Public is a helpful keyword research tool that mainly focuses on question-focused keywords.

Google Correlate

Google Correlate is another little-known tool that often shows you keywords that tend to correlate one another.
For example, when someone starts to search for “SEO,” they also search for things like:

Link building
Keyword research
Digital marketing
On-page SEO
SEO company

And Google Correlate reveals these “correlated” keywords.

Forums and Boards

Forums are the favorite places to find new keyword ideas. To use forums keyword research, you have to head over to a forum where your target audience hangs out. One may know a few of them already.
If you don’t know, use these handy search strings to find keywords:

“keyword” + “forum”
“keyword” + “board”
“keyword” + “powered by vbulletin”

Google Autocomplete

You might have probably seen the Google Autocomplete in action before.
And it’s probably everyone’s favorite way to find long tail keywords. It is Because the suggestions that you get in this come straight from Google.

When you start To use Google Autocomplete for any keyword research, you will have to enter a keyword:
You can type in a keyword and a letter:


Soovle is a free tool that collects all keyword suggestions from Amazon, Wikipedia,, and YouTube, etc.
Which also means you can uncover the untapped terms that are SUPER hard to find with any other keyword tool.
People Also Ask Boxes
This is the other easy way to find all the question keywords.
Firstly, search for any keyword in Google search.
And then keep an eye out for the “People also ask…” box in the SERPs.

Google Search Console Performance Report

Sometimes the best keyword is one that you are already ranking for.
What does it mean? Then you’re like most people if you have a handful of pages sitting on the 2nd, 3rd 4th page of Google.

You’ll find that your rank in Google for long tail keywords is that you’re not even optimizing for. And the time when you give these pages some extra SEO attention, they will usually hit the first of the search page within few days or weeks..

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