How to create free website?


Create your website free!

Creating a website is always a tough task, along with that it needs you to spend lots of money, but what if I say that you can make your own website free of cost very easily in just a few minutes.

how to create free website


Shocking right?

If you search on Google – “how to create a website free of cost” or “how to make a website for free on Google”
you will get so many website links that help you create free website with Google.

Here is a list of top websites

  • WIX –
  • WebNode-
  • ImCreator –
  • SITE123-
  • Weebly –
  • Jimdo –
  • Ucraft
  • Google Sites –
  • Webs –

The best of them is WIX and worst is Webs, they are arranged accordingly.
Now let us see how can you make your own website using some of them,

Step 1. Open up the website, and make an account. If you already have an account you may also log in.
Step 2. On the homepage, press the Start Now button. This will lead you to the “My Account” page.
Step 3. Find the Start Creating button, on the right and start drafting your website.
Step 4. Think about the type of website you want to create and pick up a template, take the theme that best communicates what you want to manifest. Be careful when making your choice, as you won’t be able to change your choice. Click “Edit.”
Step 5. Wait a while, a popup will appear. Disabled your pop-up blocker if you haven’t already.
Step 6. Edit the title and footer text of your website, You may also change the background color, and add/delete pages.
Step 7. Save all your work once you are done as you don’t want to e lose your work because Wix doesn’t autosave.
Step 8. Now its to name your website, your URL will appear as If you want your own custom domain name then you will need to pay for it.
Step 9. Once everything is ready you may publish your website by clicking on the publish button to the upper corner.
Now appreciate your website.
Definitely, WIX is the best, most convenient and the simplest of all drag and drop free website builder.

For those who think this is not for them, lets see another one.


Step 1. Open the Webnode website.
Step 2. Sign up if not done already. it will demand four or five minutes of your time. or just sign in to it.
Step 3. Click on the ‘ Get Started’ button in blue.
Step 4. Now you need to choose the Website name, it is assigned to your web address, chose it wisely it will look like-
Step 5. Pick up a template or design for your website keeping in mind the type of website you want to make. Don´t stress too much about the choice. You can view all of the alternatives after the creation of your website and will be able to modify the template undoubtedly. It will demand only a minute or two from you.
Step 6. Popups will appear requesting for information about you, your website or anything else, provide the requested information. You are now about to enter the editing section of your website.
Step 7. At “Edit Website”section you are allowed to Edit your website any way you fancy it! Add photographs, articles, news, Photo Gallery, or something else But always be unique, it’s your website! Don’t mimic anyone else!
Step 8. Now your website must be ready as you always wanted it to be, publish it and enjoy it.

But the thing here is you are limited to the use of functionalities, unlike the WIX.

Still not satisfied? Let us check one more.


This is the easiest of all this would have been the best of all but it lacks the functionalities.
The following are the steps to follow.
Step 1. Go to the Site123 website.
Step 2. Find out the ‘Start here’ button in yellow. Click on it and start building a website. You would not be asked to sign up or log in unlike others you will directly start your journey of creating your own free website.
Step 3. Now need to select the type of website you want to create. Select the category wisely, it includes- Business, Online Store, Blog, Handyman Services, Restaurants and Food, Photography, Events, Technology & Web, Transportation Services, Hospitality & Tourism, Music, Creative Arts, Health & Wellness, Recreation & Sports, CV and Portfolio and last Community.
Step 4. Enter your website name, chose it wisely relatable to your content, easy to memorize and also available.
Step 5. After all this, now you need to enter your personal details so that you may create your website as yours, enter your name, email and generate a password.
Step 6. Here you are now at the customization panel of the website, here you will be allowed to make your website really yours, add all kind data you want to display in your website.
Step 7. Ready to go, now as everything is done you may publish your website by pressing the publish button.

Using Site123 is easy but you need to allow them putting ads on your website for the free plan, hence this is not so good for making a clean website.

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