How To Advertise On Instagram?


What actually are Instagram ads?

Since Instagram first began offering the limited Ad services to audience in 2013 right after being purchased by Facebook.

But this wasn’t until 2015 that they opened all the floodgates and allowed advertising on Instagram for their brands and businesses of all kinds of shapes and sizes. As all Those brands found Instagram to be such a huge boon for their businesses.

Because Instagram is also integrated with the Facebook Ad Manager, the brands also can leverage Facebook’s such a massive wealth of their user information to advertising directly so that it will be accessible to their target audience.
If only that is not enough to convince people that the Instagram ads are great, above are a few numbers of their users:

About 75% of the users take action on Instagram ads, e.g., Like purchasing a product or also going to any website

About 35% of the total American adults use Instagram

What actually is advertising on Instagram?

Instagram advertising is a method of paying to all the posts sponsored content on the Instagram platform to reach larger and of course, more targeted audience. While there are so many reasons for a business or also an individual may either decide to advertise, as Instagram advertising is often utilized to grow any brand exposure, or website traffic, to generate new leads and also to move current leads down the funnel and also hopefully towards converting them.

Instagram is such a visual platform, where text ads are not the thing here. Rather you will need an image, or also a set of images, or videos which can again be accompanied by text to reach your audience with Instagram ads.
There are various types of Instagram ads, some of them include:
Instagram often offers five ad formats:

The Stories Ads

The Photo Ads

The Video Ads

The Carousel ads

The Collection ads

Each of the above-given ad formats is specially woven into users Feeds and their Stories such that they offer a non-disruptive user experience.

Instagram also offers many and different types of call-to-action that can often help you to collect more and more leads.

Some of the Call-to-Action Buttons:

Apply Now

Book Now

Contact Us

Call Now as of now video only)


Instagram Stories Ads are the full-screen ads that usually appear between users Stories.
With approximately 500 million Instagram users viewing their Stories every day, you will have the potential to reach a massive audience with your ads!

Stories ads, you can also target your audience and then choose how often they see your ad. Because the user’s Stories expire after 24 hours, they are the ideal format for sharing their limited-time offers and also their promotions.
Few Brands can also take advantage of all the Instagram Stories features, by adding any face filters, or any video effects, and also some text to create fun and definitely creative promotions.

How much does an Instagram ad cost?

Though the exact cost of your specific Instagram Ad will be unique to you, after all, not all the ads are the same, so the average cost per click for the Instagram ads is approximately around $0.70 – $0.80. and this figure probably comes from an analysis of more than $300 million of an ad spend on Instagram.

This is just the average cost per click. As Your Instagram ad might also sometimes end up costing more or less which will be completely depending on a variety of factors. For example, you may also check out how much costs fluctuate based on the ages you are set to choose to target.


Set Up Your Account

You must Create a new account for your business in order to advertise using this platform, you need to create a company account which is for your business.

To do this, you may go to the Instagram website using any of your mobile phones and then Create your account by entering your business or personal e-mail on which you wish to receive notifications an creating a password. You also have to Specify that this is a business account rather than a personal account and then You will have to select a suitable username while creating your account, so be sure to select a name that particularly reflects your business.

You may also link your Facebook account to your Instagram business account as These are two different types of workflows that you can often choose from to actually help you create and manage your Facebook Ad at the same time.

You will always have to Choose the right objective.

Once After creating your Instagram business, you will now be asked about your ad objectives as there are several options to select, so you may choose the one that exactly matches your Instagram objectives most closely.

In case you’re trying to get more users onto your website, then you may select the Clicks to the Website objective and in case you want the Instagram users to take any specific action on your website, such as by buying a product, you may then select Website Conversions.

Now Target a relevant audience.

Once you’ve chosen your objective, Instagram will now let you choose your desired target audience and then You will be presented with a large variety of filters such as your location, age, language, gender, any behaviors, interests, and so on. You may also Try to use the filters to target as many audiences as possible for your ad campaign

Create a budget and schedule:

Once After you are done targeting your ad, Instagram will then let you set a schedule. You will have to choose how much money you can spend on the ad and when you may spend and how often it will appear between users stories or their feed

You can then choose between paying a daily budget and also s lifetime budget. As a daily budget lets you decide how much money you can spend per day. Whereas a lifetime budget lets you choose the total amount of money to spend on the full length of your business ad campaign.

You can select to either run your ad continuously or to run it for a specific set of time. In case you are running an ad campaign which is particularly based on something temporary as if it is a sale, it will make sense to only run the ad for a specific length and specific time.

You may now Select your optimization settings.

As the Optimization settings majorly affect those who see your ad. There are various Different factors which influence when the ad shows up in users stories or their feed. So you will have to Choose an objective which perfectly fits with the goals of your set ad campaign.

You may also Link any kinds of Clicks is what majorly Instagram recommends. Doing This will target your ad to a specific set of users which is completely based on clicks to your website. This also majorly helps you to identify all the Instagram users who are already interested in your company.

Impressions will always simply deliver your ad as much as possible to a wide range of users as Your ad will remain on users news feeds all day long. Your Daily Unique Reach will deliver your ad to all users up to once per day.

For your Instagram ads, you may select from the below:

Spreading Brand awareness: As this Helps spread to your brand to all the users who haven’t even heard of you yet.

Reach: This shows your ad to as many people as possible on Instagram.

Traffic: All clicks to your website or to the app store for your app.

App installs. Get users to download your app as soon as they see the ad.

Your Video views: This Increases the amount of views video receives.

Lead generation: This mainly Allows you to gather all the lead data from the users who click on the ad.

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