Easy WP SMTP Plugin and Its Settings


Easy WP SMTP Plugin – WordPress

Easy WP SMTP allows you to configure and send all outgoing emails from website via SMTP server. This will help you to prevent your emails from going into the junk/spam folder of the recipients.

Easy WP SMTP Plugin
Easy WP SMTP Plugin and Its Settings

The Main Features of Easy WP SMTP

  • You can use Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail’s SMTP server if you have an account with them.
  • Send email using your website SMTP server.
  • Securely deliver emails to your recipients and avoids mails to going to spam/junk box.
  • Seamlessly connect your WordPress blog with a mail server to handle all outgoing emails.
Download the plugin here

Easy WP SMTP Plugin Setting and its Usage

Login into your wordpress site, install and activate the Easy WP SMTP Plugin then go to Settings->click on Easy WP SMTP

  1. a) Easy WP SMTP Settings

The general settings section consists of the following options

  • From Email Address : The email address which will be used to send emails to your recipients (Ex:- mysite@mysite.com)
  • From Name : Name your recipients will see as part of the “from” or “sender” value when they receive your message (Ex:- Your site name)
  • SMTP Host: Your outgoing mail server (example: smtp.gmail.com)
  • Type of Encryption: none/SSL/TLS (Recommended SSL)
  • SMTP Port : The port that will be used to relay outbound mail to your mail server (example: 465)
  • SMTP Authentication: No/Yes (This option should always be “Yes”)
  • Username: The username that you use to login to your mail server.(Ex:- mysite@mysite.com )
  • Password: The password that you use to login to your mail server (mysite@mysite.com mail id password)
  • Finally click on save changes.

After going general settings you have to do testing and debugging to check whether the settings are working or not.

b)Easy WP SMTP Testing & Debugging Settings

This section allows you to perform some email testing to make sure that your WordPress site is ready to relay all outgoing emails to your configured SMTP server. It consists of the following options as said in below:-

  • To: The email address that will be used to send emails to your recipients
  • Subject: subject of your message
  • Message: A text area to write your test message.

Once you click the “Send Test Email” button the plugin will try to send an email to the recipient specified in the “To” field.

That’s all any doubts please comment below.


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