Download putty , puttygen and Create Private ppt key

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Download putty , puttygen and Create Private ppt key

  • In Google search for download putty application and also putty-gen application.


Download the putty-puttygen and Create Private ppt key
Download the putty,puttygen
  • Now open your “putty-gen app” and click on “Load”.


  • Select the key pair which you have downloaded in step then click on “open”.


  • Click on “save private key” and click on “Yes” then name the file as ___.ppk (Ex :- demo.ppk)


  • Click on “save”.



This process takes 5 mins of time to Download the-putty,puttygen and Create Private ppt key.

If you have any doubts please comment below.

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  1. Hi man, how can I do this in Mac?

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