Creating EC2 instances and launching it on Amazon Server


Creating EC2 instances and launching it

  • Click on aws icon and select “EC2” service.
  • Click on “launch instances”.
  • Select “AWS Marketplace” and click on “centOS 7”.
  • Select the General purpose (Free tier eligible) and click on “Next configure instance details”.
  • In the Network select the previous VPC which you have created and Enable termination protection ( to Protect against accidental termination ).
  • Click on “Next : Add storage”.
  • In Size type 30 and in volume type select General purpose.
  • Click on “Next: tag instance” then Click on “Next: Configure Security Group”.
  • In Assign a security group: Select an existing security group which you have created.
  • Click on “Review and Launch” then Click on “Continue” and then Click on “Launch”.
  • A popup box will be opened Select “Create a new key pair” and name the key and Click on “download key pair” then Click on “Launch Instances”.
  • Click on instances created “Ex :- i-______ ” and Your instance will be running in 2 to 5 mins.
    Name your instance which you have created.



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