Connecting with SSH-Setup CPanel-WHM on Amazon AWS


Connecting with SSH-Setup CPanel-WHM on Amazon AWS (Web services)

  • Open your putty and in the Host-name paste your “elastic Ip address” which you have created in step 4.
  • Port should be “22”.
  • Go to “SSH” and Click on “Auth” and browse the “.ppk” file which you have created and click on open.
  • Now your Amazon AWS configured, you can have some fun with installing and configuring cPanel/WHM.

1. Now click on “Yes” and type your username as “Centos” press enter.
2. To Take root type “sudo su” press enter.
3. To Install Perl type “yum install perl” press enter.

  • then it ask for [y/n/d] : type “y” , press enter
  • again it ask for [y/n] : type “y” , press enter

4. To Install WGET type “sudo yum install wget” press enter.

  • then it ask for [y/n/d] : type “y” , press enter

5. To Go to home type “cd /home”
6. To Get latest cPanel Type “wget -N”
7. To Execute installation files type “sh latest”. [Note : if it shows error with host-name then type “host-name”(temporarily to avoid error) press enter and then to Execute installation files
again type “sh latest”] 8. Wait while it installs (can take a while around 20 to 40 mins) .
9. Set root password “passwd root” follow the instructions.
10. In a browser, go to “https://elastic-ip:2087”.
11. Use “root” as the name and your root password as the password, click login

Finally you are done with Connecting with SSH-Setup CPanel-WHM on Amazon AWS it takes more then 60 mins of time because installation cpanel on server itself takes around 40 to 60 mins so take a break during cpanel installation 😛 .After completion of Cpanel installation,you should now be in your fresh install of WHM ready for you to configure to your liking. I recommend configuring a security policy to regulate the ports we opened at the beginning. Also, don’t forget to set your host-names.

If you have any doubts please comment below.


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  1. i cant login
    wrrong password
    plz help me

  2. I’m sure I followed everything but PuTTy, always outputs Fatal Error
    Network Error: Connection refused
    I’ve turned off all my firewall

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