1.4 : Can I do SEO for myself? What is PR Value?

Can I do SEO for myself?

Can i do seo? Yes you can.The world of SEO is complex to do, but most people can easily understand the basics of seo. Even a small amount of knowledge can make a Very big difference. Free SEO education is widely available on the internet and which includes in guides like this will help you to learn basics of SEO. Combine this with a little practice will helps you to becoming a master in SEO.

Can I do SEO for myself
Can I do SEO for myself?

what are the important things that you have to do in SEO?

  • Creating robot.txt file
  • Submitting Sitemaps
  • SEO Friendly website and Content
  • Back links
  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization
  • Research and Analysis the Keywords 

These things are much enough to boost up your website in search engine optimization.


Google Operator to check site and cache:

According to Google we have two updates. They are

a) Site: It is pronounced as Site Column, which is used to know that how many web pages got Index in Google search engine. For example take any website like www.abc.com then go to Google  and search for [site:www.abc.com].

b) Cache: It is pronounced as Cache Column, Which is used to identify the Last date and Time of crawler when they have visited the website and crawled. For example take any website like www.abc.com then go to Google and search for [cache:www.abc.com].


Page Rank value (PR Value):

For each and every webpage in a website, Google will assign certain rank it is called “Page Rank” and it is depends upon the traffic, SEO, the time between Landing and Exit. It is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank the different types of websites in their search engine results.

Page Rank is divided into 2 types:

a) Not Applicable.

b) 0 to 9 (to know the Page Rank Install “seo quake tool” from www.seoquaketool.com).


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